On 30 June 2016, the Government decided to establish a delegation tasked with counteracting overutilisation of, and incorrect payments from, welfare systems and other related tax-funded or tax-subsidised systems. Through its work, the delegation is to help ensure that the resources allocated via these systems are only utilised by those for whom they are intended.

The delegation is to constitute a unifying body that will produce factual material for the Government and present proposals for goals and performance indicators aimed at facilitating a comprehensive follow-up for the Government of the measures carried out by government agencies and their outcomes. The delegation is to supplement other inquiries in the area, and in particular the inquiry tasked with reviewing the welfare state’s ability to resist organised and systematic economic crime (dir. 2015:96).

The delegation’s tasks include:

  • acting as an experience exchange platform in the area and providing support to both the Government and those actors tasked with paying allowances, benefits and loans from welfare systems and other related tax-funded or tax-subsidised systems, and contributing to knowledge dissemination, experience exchanges and methods development;
  • actively encouraging agencies to collaborate and coordinate their activities when it comes to counteracting overutilisation and incorrect payments;
  • conducting studies of scope regarding incorrect payments from the relevant systems in areas where there are considerable risks of such payments occurring, and where such studies do not exist or are out of date;
  • reporting on the causes behind incorrect payments made from the relevant systems;
  • identifying the need for changes in relevant areas not covered by the remits of other ongoing inquiries, and where relevant present proposals for new regulations to make it easier for individuals and other actors to do the right thing, and ensure that agencies have routines and internal systems that can counteract overutilisation and incorrect payments; and
  • helping ensure that the consequences of overutilisation of, and incorrect payments from, the relevant systems are raised in the public debate, in various forums and in various communication channels.

The delegation is also to present proposals on how future work in the area should be organised once the delegation has completed its task.

The delegation is to present a work schedule for its future activities, including times for regular reports on various parts of its remit, by 31 January 2017. The delegation is to deliver a final report on its remit to the Government by 1 December 2019.