Commission for correct welfare payments consists of 11 members and 17 experts from welfare Agencies, inspection Agencies, law enforcement authorities, Government Offices and other organizations.


Sven-Erik Österberg, County Governor of the County Administrative Board in Stockholm.

Other members

Anneli Westerling Greer, the Swedish Migration Board

Annelie Westman, the Swedish Unemployment Insurance Board (IAF)

Astrid Eklund, the Swedish Prosecution Authority

Eva-Lena Edberg, the Swedish Employment Agency

Stefan Lundberg, The Swedish Economic Crime Authority

Gunilla Kasala Schöllin, the Swedish Tax Agency

Tora Philp, Swedish Pensions Agency

Per Eleblad, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Torbjörn Martinsson, the Swedish Police

Åsa Lindahl, CSN


From Agencies and organizations

Fredrik Holmström, Swedish Association of Local Authorities
and Regions (SKR)

Johan Wockelberg Hedlund, the Swedish Agency for Public Management

Johanna Mattsson, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO)

Johanna Skinnari, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå)

Kenneth Eliasson, The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV)

Mats Bengtsson, the Swedish Enforcement Authority

Lisa Carlsson, the Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate (ISF)

Per-Olov Mörn, the County Administrative Board in Örebro

Stefan Jönsson, the Swedish Competition Authority

Stina Hovmöller, the National Board of Health and Welfare

Ulf Hellstenius, the Swedish Federation of Unemployment Insurance Funds

From Government Offices

Helen Kasström, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

Karl Gutberg, Ministry of Finance

Fanny Ericson Hållén, Ministry of Education and Research

Lena Warstrand, Ministry of Justice

Caroline Renås, Ministry of Employment

Cecilia Eriksson, Ministry of Finance